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If you or a loved one has been accused of committing a crime, you need legal representation from a lawyer who is committed to protecting your legal rights. The criminal lawyers at LaPlante Sowa Goldman have assisted many criminal defendants throughout the states of Rhode Island and Massachusetts, as well as in the Federal Courts in those states. We dedicate ourselves to securing the best possible result for each and every client who engages the services of our defense team.

At LaPlante Sowa Goldman, we understand that your life, your record, and your freedom mean a great deal to you. Criminal convictions have a negative impact on employment opportunities, and may even hurt your ability to keep your current job. We take this seriously as our team analyzes the law and the facts of your case, negotiates with prosecutors on your behalf to achieve the most favorable outcome, and takes cases to trial when necessary.
We believe that our results speak for themselves. Our consistent success has earned our attorneys recognition throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We represent clients in need of a criminal defense attorney in the following areas, and more:

• Murder
• Manslaughter
• Assault & Battery
• Robbery
• Domestic Violence
• Sex Crimes
• Theft Crimes
• OUI Defense
• Breathalyzer Refusal
• Traffic Violations
• Drug Crimes
• Probation Violation
• Juvenile Crimes
• Kidnapping
• DUI Defense
• Gun Possession

Because the criminal lawyers at LaPlante Sowa Goldman are dedicated to protecting your constitutional rights and interests, we have decided to provide our web browsers (you) with some helpful advice that may help you or a loved one from avoiding a criminal charge or conviction: Police officers often question people during their investigations so that they can arrest the person or persons responsible for committing a crime. You are not required to speak to them. If you are arrested or otherwise taken into custody and asked to make a statement, the best thing to do is not to say anything at all. Or, if you choose to say anything, just say the magic words: “I invoke my right to remain silent and my right to an attorney.” At that point the police are not allowed to resume questioning. Statements to the police rarely work in the suspect’s favor.

Often when drivers are pulled over by a police cruiser the officer asks them whether they would consent or allow the officer to search their car. What many people do not realize, and what the officer will neglect to tell you, is that you are not required to give your consent! Just say no, and they will not be allowed to search your car (provided that they do not otherwise have probable cause to search your vehicle.

If you have any questions, call the experienced criminal lawyers at LaPlante Sowa Goldman at (401) 273-0200, or email us by clicking the contact us link below.

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