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Employment law continues to be the fastest growing category of civil litigation.  LaPlante Sowa Goldman is recognized for its skill in this field and provides its clients with advice and counsel on all facets of the employer/employee relationship.  Among its clients are school boards, the Rhode Island Association of School Principals, and various housing authorities throughout Rhode Island.  Private sector representation includes all types of businesses, ranging from real estate developers to manufacturers.

Employee Claims

Our dynamic law firm represents public and private employees in matters ranging from the negotiation of severance packages to constitutional rights, discrimination and whistle blowing.  We have successfully resolved complex claims for substantial settlement amounts and achieved significant jury awards when unable to amicably resolve matters.

Defending Management

Our experience in evaluating and protecting clients from lawsuits and cost-efficient representation in all types of employment matters enables our attorneys to provide crucial guidance to both public entities and private businesses.  When necessary, our experienced litigators have effectively protected our clients’ interests before administrative tribunals and in state and federal courts.

Legal Navigation

LSG’s lawyers protect our clients by keeping them informed regarding the constantly evolving field of employment law.  Our law firm endeavors to emphasize training and education to all management clients to prevent claims where possible.  Consistent with that philosophy, our knowledgeable and skilled attorneys prepare and frequently revise employment policies, employee manuals, employee handbooks and anti-harassment policies for our clients.  We also offer regular training seminars to trade organizations, as well as our clients’ supervisors and staff.

Education Law; Teacher Termination Appeals; Due Process Hearings

In the complicated field of education law, LSG’s extensive experience as counsel to school boards, administrators, and teachers enables us to provide peerless representation in all aspects of the field, including public contracting law, labor law and negotiations, employment law, employee disciplinary matters, discrimination claims and investigations, construction issues, student discipline, tenure, residency, special education, employee leave issues, public records issues, and claims under the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Whether through amicable resolution or navigating the extensive litigation process from the local level to the Rhode Island Department of Education, our skilled and experienced attorneys have enjoyed great success in this field.  LSG’s dedicated education law division has handled all types of education cases ranging from public school teacher and administrator appeals to challenging student’s IEP’s in state and federal courts and administrative proceedings.

Unemployment; Disability; Workers’ Compensation

LSG provides representation to a wide range of clients who have been terminated from employment and wrongfully denied unemployment benefits.  Pursuant to Rhode Island law, LSG provides free services for clients challenging the denial of their application for unemployment benefits.  In addition, the firm prosecutes legitimate disability and workers’ compensation claims.  LSG’s employment attorneys also successfully defend baseless unemployment, disability, and workers’ compensation claims brought against the firm’s business clients.

Administrative Law; Litigation; Appeals; Dispute Resolution; Arbitration

Despite our law firm’s lengthy history of success in the courtroom, we recognize  that often the  quickest and most favorable result  for our clients may not come from the potentially lengthy trial process.  As a result, LSG’s attorneys actively promote and engage in programs such as arbitration and mediation.  Each represents a faster alternative to trial and can deliver outstanding outcomes.  LSG offers a full range of litigation, arbitration, and other dispute resolution services. Our philosophy is to maximize efficiency while drawing upon our aggressive advocacy skills in a less formal, more efficient setting.  This strategy can effectively resolve disputes without needless delay and prevent years of expensive and uncertain litigation.

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