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Estate Planning; Wills; Trusts; Gifting; Powers of Attorney; Elder Law

The most common misconception about estate planning is that it is simple.  The reality is that 21st century estate planning tends to be as complex as the rest of our modern lives.  LSG’s attorneys and paralegals are a dedicated group of professionals who work diligently to provide the most appropriate and beneficial estate plan for each client.  We strive to bring our expertise and a sensitive receptivity to each client’s issues and concerns, developing a relationship based upon a client’s trust and confidence that we will assist the client in achieving his or her goals.

LSG’s attorneys work closely with clients of all ages and at all economic levels.  We prepare Wills that comport with the unique circumstances of each client and Trusts of all kinds that achieve a variety of goals (e.g., estate tax planning, asset protection, gifting, asset transfers and flexibility in post mortem planning).  We also prepare both financial and medical powers of attorney, so that each client can make his or her wishes known with respect to financial, medical and end-of-life decisions in the event that the client can no longer speak for himself or herself.  We take great care that the documents we prepare accomplish as many of our clients’ specific objectives as possible.

Probate; Litigation; Appeals

LSG handles probate and estate disputes at the local level and, if necessary, appeals before the Superior and Supreme Courts.  Drawing on their experience from estate planning and probate law, as well as their broad litigation expertise, LSG’s attorneys focus their efforts on achieving their clients’ objectives as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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