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LSG’s attorneys have substantial collective experience in representing injured clients in claims arising from accidents, medical malpractice, and defective products. Our unsurpassed level of communication and attention to detail provide the foundation for a strong attorney-client relationship which, combined with our litigation skills, enables our attorneys to obtain maximum recovery for economic loss, disability, pain, suffering, loss of consortium, diminished quality of life, or death.

Our aggressive litigation techniques have frequently generated substantial settlements. If court becomes necessary, however, we carefully prepare our clients to increase their comfort level and reduce their anxiety brought on by the prospect of testifying.

Despite our law firm’s lengthy history of success in state and federal courts, we recognize that often the quickest and most favorable result for our clients may not come from the potentially lengthy trial process. As a result, LSG actively promotes and engages in programs such as arbitration and mediation. Each represents a faster alternative to trial and can deliver outstanding outcomes. LSG offers a full range of litigation, arbitration, and other dispute resolution services. Our philosophy is to maximize efficiency while drawing upon our aggressive advocacy skills in a more efficient, less formal, setting. This strategy can effectively resolve disputes, and provide compensation for our clients, without needless delay.
Accidents resulting in personal injuries are a common occurrence in our daily lives. In addition to automobile accidents, you may suffer personal injuries or property damage at home, at a place of business, or on the streets and sidewalks. Injuries may also be caused by carelessness of doctors and other professionals. If you suffer an injury or property damage as a result of an accident, you can protect yourself by contacting an experienced personal injury attorney at LSG.

Personal Injury claims that we handle include:

• Automobile Accidents
• Medical Malpractice
• Products Liability
• Dog Bites
• Slip and Fall
• Construction Accidents
• Wrongful Death
• Nursing Home Abuse
• Defamation (libel, slander)

Evaluating your claim

To determine whether you have a personal injury claim, our attorneys at LaPlante Sowa Goldman will consider whether another person’s conduct wrongfully injured or harmed you. Negligence is the most common basis for recovering your losses from an accident. The law holds individuals and businesses responsible for careless acts or omissions that result in your injury, such as drivers who neglect to stop for stop signs or doctors who fail to follow established medical procedures.

Recovery for intentional misconduct may result if someone has deliberately hurt you or your property. For example, if someone has deliberately hit you without your permission, detained you against your will, or made false statements that injure your reputation.
Individuals and companies might also be responsible for damages on the basis of strict liability if they have engaged in dangerous activity, such as conducting blasting operations, keeping wild animals or dogs as pets, or if they have manufactured a defective or dangerous product.
What Is Your Injury Worth?

At LSG, we can help you put a dollar value on your injury. You are entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, the cost of repairing your property or the loss to its fair market value, and for any pain, disfigurement, physical handicap, embarrassment, loss of enjoyment of life, mental distress or emotional pain that you might suffer.

The personal injury attorneys at LSG will carefully interview you free of charge to learn the facts of your incident to determine who is responsible, the extent of your injuries, and the amount of your loss. In the course of representing you in your personal injury case, we will obtain your medical records, interview key witnesses, and obtain police reports and other information to help prove your claim. Remember—when you are injured or harmed by another and make a claim or institute a lawsuit to assert your right to recover your costs and losses, it is your burden to prove that the person who injured or harmed you is at fault, caused and ultimately is responsible for your injuries. That is what the personal injury attorneys at LSG do best.

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