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Recent Successes

  • Attorney David M. Campanella, utilizing an alternative dispute resolution process, was able to conclude a multiyear construction litigation suit resulting in a six figure settlement for his Plaintiff client and a savings of tens of thousands in costs protracted litigation would have occasioned.

  • Attorneys Brian LaPlante successfully petitioned the Rhode Island Supreme Court to issue a rare Writ of Certiorari concerning the Supreme Court’s review of a municipal zoning board’s decision.

  • Jeffrey Sowa obtained a six figure settlement for LSG’s client who sustained serious injuries from a trip and fall on a prominent public walkway in Rhode Island due to negligent construction and maintenance.

  • In an action brought against a Rhode Island school district for breach of contract, Jeffrey Sowa obtained for LSG’s client, a school administrator, a critical Court injunction immediately returning LSG’s client to his rightful position.

  • Michael Jacobs and Brian LaPlante prevailed in a highly contentious lawsuit brought by the sellers of real estate against LSG’s clients (the prospective buyers), with the sellers seeking to force LSG’s clients to close on the transaction and to pay the sellers’ alleged damages. After a lengthy trial before the Providence County Superior Court, during which Attorneys LaPlante and Jacobs proved that the sellers had perpetrated a fraud upon LSG’s clients, the Court ruled that LSG’s clients did not have to purchase the property or pay the sellers their alleged damages.

  • Just prior to trial, Brian LaPlante favorably settled a boundary dispute between LSG’s clients, who had controlled a strip of property for decades, against their neighbor who suddenly claimed ownership of the land and destroyed LSG’s clients’ improvements. In addition to confirming LSG’s clients’ ownership of the property, Attorney LaPlante also obtained money damages.

  • Joshua Glass and Brian LaPlante protected LSG’s client thorough the careful preparation of documents concerning the lease and sale of real estate and business property. Upon the other party’s default, Attorney LaPlante litigated against the defaulting party in Superior Court and recovered significant monies for the client, as well as control of the underlying property.

  • After a week-long jury trial in the Massachusetts Superior Court concerning a highly contentious real estate development partnership dispute, Brian LaPlante and Michael Jacobs obtained a $550,000 jury verdict (nearly $850,000 after the application of statutory interest) for LSG’s client. The jury also rejected the opposing party’s $275,000 counterclaim. The opposing party’s offer of settlement was just $20,000 before trial.

  • Brian LaPlante and Michael Jacobs obtained an exceptional result for the firm’s client after a three day proceeding concerning complex business ownership, employment, and accounting issues. In addition to securing the outright dismissal of a nearly $200,000 breach of employment claim brought against LSG’s client, Attorneys LaPlante and Jacobs obtained a sizeable counterclaim award for the firm’s client.

  • Brian LaPlante successfully resolved a client’s corporate veil piercing claim in a construction litigation matter while presenting the case to a Massachusetts Superior Court jury.

  • After several days of trying a complex claim of principal-agent liability before a Rhode Island Superior Court jury, Brian LaPlante and Michael Jacobs obtained a six figure settlement for the firm’s client.

  • The Massachusetts Superior Court issued a verdict in favor of the firm’s client after Brian LaPlante zealously defended at trial claims brought against the client stemming from a lease agreement with a national retailer.

  • Brian LaPlante prevailed against a prominent regional law firm in a trial held before the Honorable Justice Torres in the United States District Court for the District of Rhode Island concerning the enforcement of a lease agreement between the firm’s client, a prominent developer, and a municipality attempting to avoid its leasehold and environmental indemnification obligations.

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